• Micodermabraision Treatment

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      Aging treatment that exfoliates and  smooths out dry texture and dead skin. It can help improve the appearance of sun damage, tone, texture and clarity of the skin. A hydrating mask apply to sooths and calms and hydrate the skin. Leave your skin moisturized and radiant.

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    This treatment stimulate collagen and elastin. Effectively polishes away dead skin layers to expose healthier skin and promote new growth. Treatment for the entire face takes place with no discomfort. The procedure is described to feel like a light suction running over your faces. Very minimal side effects result from this procedure.  Some individuals may find their face is slightly pink for few hours, but resumes back to normal in no time. This treatment is quick and effective. The result is brighter, invigorated skin that looks and feels more youthful. Helps to diminish the appearance of fine line wrinkles, aging or sun spots, pores and acne scarring.

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